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Committed to supporting diversity, equity and inclusion

Women in Power Systems (WPS) is a community that advocates for women in all power systems roles, facilitates their connections, celebrates their successes and helps them achieve a balance between their professional and private life.


  • Engage and celebrate the women in your company

As a company that employs women in various roles, including leadership ones, you will get a chance to celebrate their unique skills and talents, motivating your employees and further improving your brand image. 

  • Benefit from diversity in your team/company 

Positioning your company as committed to promoting equal opportunity, you can attract a motivated and dedicated workforce and benefit from their unique contribution to the excellence your company is striving for.

  • Be the one to transform the industry

Help make the power industry a place of equal opportunity and fruitful collaboration. The energy evolution brings many changes and challenges to the industry. Diversity is an asset essential for the strong, productive teams who will build the future of energy. 


  • Information, support and practical solutions for members of our community and an environment where they can interact and connect
  • Providing a voice for the organizations that have made a commitment to this cause by highlighting the benefits and opportunities they offer to encourage and support women within their organization
  • Digital, magazine, video and audio content – interviews, articles, profiles, podcasts, blog posts and various other content featuring inspiring stories of women in power systems
  • Promotion through the WPS website, the digital magazine and social media channels
  • Positioning your company/brand as a socially aware employer and bringing awareness to the unique value that women bring to OEMs, utilities, industry, commerce, government, service providers and non-profits
  • A combined reach of WPS and Alliance Partners, amounting to more than 100,000 power industry professionals

All our sponsorship opportunities are customizable according to your company’s wishes and needs.
For more information, please contact our team:

Lara Boljanovic
, Communications & Project Manager

Paula Civrak, Editor in Chief


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Empowering Women, Illuminating Futures: Lighting the Way in Power Systems

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